About Us

Divine teas fuse creativity and innovation with world-class quality standards. We take a holistic approach to our business; handling everything from sourcing of world’s finest ingredients and teas , to custom tailored product development and branded retail marketing. Our commitment is to build and grow profitable sustainable tea companies with competitive advantages. The genesis of Divine Specialty Teas is to create a specialty tea company that would truly have the ability to “think outside the box” and add tremendous value to our customers.

Our Values

At Divine Teas we're driven by top standards of food safety and traceability.

Customer Focused.

We center our business values on “Astonishment Architecture” a belief in upholding the levels of expectation before, during and after customer interaction. We work very hard to understand the business strategy and vision of our customers. We believe in not to be transactional, but strategic in our approach.

Price & Value.

We promote Fairtrade and Organic Agriculture and are committed to environmentally sustainable tea cultivation. We understand the value of our project and we pledge that each gram of tea is worth its price.

Humility & Hunger to Learn.

We admit our mistakes, are open to feedback, and value continuous learning as an important component of a successful company.

Challenge Oriented.

We challenge the status quo, embrace productive change, and will push to make the “impossible” – possible!

Realistically Optimistic.

We set new standards to become an avid competitor within the tea industry. We are responsibly aggressive, taking opportunities and placing value on unique ideas versus going along with the “herd.”

Do it Right.

With a foundation of service excellence, we have the courage and discipline to make tough decisions that are in the best interest of our customers, consumers, employees, and company.

Our Value Chains

At Divine Teas, we use our expertise to create truly UNFORGETTABLE FLAVORS to bring out the best of the best or UNFORGETTBALE UNIQUE EXPEREINCES OF THE TEA WORLD. ????

Our customized formulas are unique to the specificationsof each of our customers. Whether you are looking for new tea concepts or duplications of existing blends, the Divine R&D team is available to assist you with your unique tea blend requirements and can tailor a complete tea program to fit your company and brand goals.

Quality & Product Safety

Product safety is one of the most important aspects in today’s food & beverage industry. From the farm to cup, our quality ingredients go through many comprehensive safety and quality inspection checks. We maintain strict quality standards and are audited by some of the largest and most respected manufacturers in the Food and Beverage industry.

Each product that comes into our facility is screened by our in house Quality Control Laboratory. The microbiological laboratory results are confirmed through testing at an independent certified laboratory.

We believe quality starts with quality ingredients that are sourced from reliable sources.
We ensure our quality through our Quality, Regulatory, and Operations Program. Our test methods and quality procedures are continuously reviewed and revised to ensure our standards meet the most up-to-date global requirements related to food safety, attribute testing, and Good manufacturing practices (GMP).

  • Allergen Free Processing Facility
  • HACCP Program
  • Internal Quality System Audits
  • Standardized Processes Lot & Batch Management
  • Certified Vendor Program
  • Incoming Ingredient Quality Inspection
  • Quality Audits
  • Pesticide Screening Programs
  • Environmental Monitoring
  • Label & Nutritional
  • Statistical Flavor Evaluation
  • Product Evaluations
  • Regulatory Support
  • Sample Retention Program
  • Instrument Calibration
  • Management Attribute Testing
  • Sensory Evaluations
  • Protocol for Start-Up and commissioning runs

Technical Services

A list of our quality control documents available to our customers:

  • Product Specifications
  • Organic Certificate
  • Rainforest, if applicable
  • Kosher Certificate
  • Fairtrade, if applicable
  • Certificate of Analysis
  • Validation document of Steam Sterilization, if applicable
  • Transparency

  • Food Safety

  • Traceability